[V8] Low idle

Shawn Head s4qtro at bellsouth.net
Sun May 16 00:30:11 EDT 2004

Could be that the #1 solenoid is bad and engaging the Torque converter
at idle.  Mine was doing the same thing and would bog down at lights and
even worse when in reverse trying to park in parking garages.  Did a
valve body rebuild and had the #1 solenoid replaced and it was good to
go.  The good thing is you probably don't need a Valve body rebuild
(neither did I so I found out) and the #1 solenoid is the one on the
bottom of the valve body so all you have to do is take out the X pipe of
the exaust, drop the tranny pan and replace that specific solenoid and
you will be in business.

Shawn Head
'97 A4tqsm
'91 V8 SOLD

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Ok guys, my idle is really messing with me lately.  143k on the '90 V8q.
At startup before, it was a high idle, around 1200 or so.  Now, it is a
low idle, around 600 or so.  I am not sure if it got that way after I
had the two engine sensors replaced or at some random point afterwards.
Could the sensors being corroded or loose or put back on the wrong wire
make this problem occur?  If not, what else causes a weird idle?  My
idle control valve is clean and fine and working, according to VAG-COM.
Oh yeah, no codes, either.  Vacuum leak?  Where would I start checking?
I notice that when I leave it idling that it seems to run rich, or maybe
it's just my imagination.  
On the list to replace is the plug wires, distributor cap/rotor, maybe
the MAF, might remove the K&N.  Any thoughts?


'90 V8q
'86 5kcstq
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