[V8] hair-brained scheme

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Sun May 16 15:22:13 EDT 2004

In a message dated 5/15/2004 12:26:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
jward at mti-interactive.com writes:

> So it's fair to say that there are no shortage of 3.6l PT engines in the
> world, as they usually outlast their transmissions, sheet metal bodies,
> and owner's wallets.  What could be done with them?  No I am not
> thinking about what Martha might do with them (mmm, turkey carcass), but
> rather some Audi nut with unlimited funds...  :-)
> I have seen them stuffed in 4000s, URQs, 80s, and even a WV Micro Bus!
> Did I hear on this list that someone stuffed one into a droF a while
> back?  Fix or repair daily takes on a whole new (expensive) meaning.  Al
> was talking about stuffing one into an A6, and Keith into a 200 Avant...
> Anyone heard of other applications?


I'd expect Alan to reply to this himself, but with the big WEDDING coming up 
next week, he's a bit distracted...  Currently, he has a V8 sitting in the 
front end of his UrQ (it looks like it was made for that space) and has sitting 
on the garage floor the V8 going into his CGT (replacing the 20V Turbo already 
in there, which is going into my old CGT, now driven by his friend...).  The 
4KQ is the next target, that way all his cars will have the PT V8, even his 
actual V8...  Unfortunately, the PT won't fit in his fiancees VW cabrio...  
Although to tell you what a lucky find he's got there - she'd probably even 
encourage it!

It's kinda impressive to pull into the driveway and see 2 V8Qs (1 a stripper 
in progress) 3 CGTs (ok 1 is only the front end), an UrQ, 4KQ, and a garage 
full of engines and trannies... kinda redefines Audifan... when you consider 
it's all a hobby, or serious medical condition.

hmmm... a PT in my S-10...

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