[V8] hair-brained scheme

Alan Kramer ackramer at hotmail.com
Mon May 17 08:43:23 EDT 2004

>It's kinda impressive to pull into the driveway and see 2 V8Qs (1 a 
>  in progress) 3 CGTs (ok 1 is only the front end), an UrQ, 4KQ, and a 
>full of engines and trannies... kinda redefines Audifan... when you 
>it's all a hobby, or serious medical condition.

Yeah, I've got a serious cylinder index at the moment...

3 x PT = 24
1 x WX = 5
1 x 7A = 5
1 x MC = 5
3 x KX = 15
1 x WT = 4

Total = 58
58 / 28 = 2.07 cylinder index

Anyway, like John said, the V8 seems like it was made to go into the smaller 
cars...It's such a small, tight compact motor...   ...I think that with the 
number of V8 swaps I know of going on right now, very soon V8 swaps will be 
almost as common as MC swaps.  Especially as the 5v motors become more 
available since they have 8-bolt flywheels.

Oh, and it is a medical condition...just so happens I'm off my medicine 
right now ;)


Alan Kramer

'83 UrQ V8
'83 CGT 20vt
'86 4kcsq
'90 V8q


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