[V8] interior light question

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Mon May 17 10:39:09 EDT 2004

My June of 1990 has the single bulb.  Must be a midyear switch like the
trunk springs vs. shocks.  There were a few other mid year switches too.
(let me see if I can find that email...)

Here it is; an email from Keith explaining what's new on the '91:
91 adds
Selective unlocking w/ key  (turn drivers key once only the drivers door
unlocks, twice and all doors unlock)

Power lock switch on drivers door

Trucklid is held up by shocks instead of springs.

Trunklid gets a liner

Phone hands free operational

Roll up w/ key: Windows and sunroof close with the key in drivers door

BBS wheels standard

Revised front diff output flanges on automatics w/ upgraded three
bearing inner CV.

Hazard switch moved to center switch panel.

As with the 90 model all three seat styles are possible, comfort is
standard, connelly and sport are optional.

So in June 1990, they had already offered the trunk lid shocks, hands
free phone, and the interior light change.

Recently I noticed that my late model '90 doesn't have little 'R' and
'L' letters on the power mirror selector, where as Maurice's early '90

Anyone know of any other midyear changes?

- Jeremy

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91 and later cars have the 1 bulb system. 90 models have the 2 bulb 
lamp. No idea why. The knockout is in place on the AC duct to put a 2 
bulb holder in. I like it on my 90 model, and was planning on 
retrofitting it into my 92 - but sold it last week. 92 models don't have

the rear sunshade either...


>Noticed something odd today while under the dash this weekend. My
replacement v8q (build date 03/90) has a single bulb light on the driver
side floor. now I mention the build date because my older pearl v8q(
build date 06/89) has the two bulb setup (one red and the other white)
The red one stays on during night time driving. My question is a two
part question. Was this an option? If not, why would Audi revert back to
the old style. Plug connectors are different. The one with the two bulbs
has four wires and the one with the single bulb has only two. Just
curious. Thank Allan
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