[V8] hair-brained scheme

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Mon May 17 11:17:07 EDT 2004

Every time I drag my trailer over Beaver Creek Summit, I have lots of time to
dream about stuffing a PT into the ole Explorer.
Ford finally beat me to the punch though - you can get the 32 valve 4.6L motor
in a Aviator (nice ride btw) or the 16 valve 4.6L in a lowly Explorer.
Neither is worth the extra money though. The current OHC 4.0L V6 does a pretty
good job and is a huge improvement over the old OHV 4.0L V6.


Quoting Jeremy Ward <jward at mti-interactive.com>:

> So it's fair to say that there are no shortage of 3.6l PT engines in the
> world, as they usually outlast their transmissions, sheet metal bodies,
> and owner's wallets.  What could be done with them?  No I am not
> thinking about what Martha might do with them (mmm, turkey carcass), but
> rather some Audi nut with unlimited funds...  :-)
> I have seen them stuffed in 4000s, URQs, 80s, and even a WV Micro Bus!
> Did I hear on this list that someone stuffed one into a droF a while
> back?  Fix or repair daily takes on a whole new (expensive) meaning.  Al
> was talking about stuffing one into an A6, and Keith into a 200 Avant...
> Anyone heard of other applications?
> I have a couple of questions about transmissions:
> 1) Does ZF make the 5 (and 6) speed Audi transmissions?
> 2) Do other ZF transmissions (like the rear-wheel-drive-only version of
> ours found in the BMW 7 series) bolt up to our blocks?  How about any
> manual RWD-only transmissions?
> 3) In the case of #2 above, would the rear transaxle from our car still
> work in a RWD-only application?
> Our cars are fun to drive, but they are heavy and have a less than
> desirable weight distribution, due to the engine hanging out WAY past
> the front axle...  What if you stuffed our power plant under the hood of
> some other lightweight (VW?) vehicle and were able to move it back a bit
> to be located over the front axle?  Or perhaps created a mid engine
> vehicle by using the front-wheel output from the quattro transmission to
> power the rear wheels of said lightweight vehicle?  You wouldn't use the
> rear output from the transmission (would this cause any problems with
> the 'quattro' system?), but would have a lightweight vehicle with a near
> 50/50 weight distribution...  Would a FWD Audi transmission work better
> for this?  Which one?
> The PT engine is lightweight, plentiful, robust, and powerful...  What
> diabolical purposes could it be used for?
> I doubt anyone will ever do anything like this, but I hope some find
> this thread interesting if nothing else.  If there are no responses, I
> guess that answers that question ;-)
> Regards,
> - Jeremy
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