[V8] Speed Sensor Solved problem

William Gutierrez lundabo at msn.com
Tue May 18 23:41:27 EDT 2004

Having driven my car 100 miles RT today, I can confirm that replacement of 
the speed sensor did the trick.  No More Stalling !!! :-)  Thank you 
everyone for your help.  FYI, the definitive diagnosis was from Steve 
Buchholz.  He advised to check if the tach needle bounced when I got the 
check engine light came on at speed.  It did.  Problem solved.

I know Steve thinks this job was easy, but I personally found it a bear to 
get my arms in underneath.  Steve, you hands must be more nimble than mine, 
because there was almost no room to move once I got my hands in there.

Now, my next project.  When I was in there, I could see that there was a 
significant amount of oil dripping on the sensors from a leaky distributor.  
I don't remembe who mentioned it, but my sensors were pretty well coated.  I 
have to imagine that was having some effect on driveability.  Even if it 
wasn't it's causing oil loss and it is dripping on the manifold down pipe.  
I'm going to fix it.  Any BTDT by anyone out there on the driver's side 
distributor.  Is it a pretty easy job?

Thanks again.


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