[V8] Bose specs

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Fri May 21 12:17:03 EDT 2004

... Bose seems to keep this sort of thing to themselves to prevent exactly
what you are trying to do ... 

I know that simply connecting a non-Bose Blaupunkt unit causes a lot of
popping noises, suspect the same sort of behavior with any aftermarket

I've heard that adapters are available to allow non-Bose units to work with
Bose speakers ... who was it, Crutchfield?  Another option is to find
speakers that will fit into the Bose enclosures ... of course Bose doesn't
use standard speakers to prevent this sort of thing ... and you will need to
run speaker wires to the door ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
> Anyone have the specs for the Bose speaker amps?  what input 
> they require and the min-max range?  I was looking at a 
> replacement head unit and thinking that Blaupunkts Orlando 
> looks reasonable (all the right features) and wondering if 
> the preamp outs (4v) would drive the Bose amps or not...  I 
> suppose I should consider swapping out the whole thing, but 
> that's $ and time I don't have.  Anyone got a BTDT on just 
> the head unit swap?

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