[V8] Time to sell the V8 (crying sounds in background)

Maurice Greven maurice.greven at verizon.net
Fri May 21 16:11:41 EDT 2004

1990 Pearl with blue interior... All stock except for added Remote
186k miles... runs excellent!
No dents, etc, but a few rock chips in the front area
Includes: (also...good things)
Full set factoy manuals (2- 3" binders)(with lots of notes from V8 List.
Steering rack done 15k ago
new UFO rotors, pads, and front bushing, lower ball joints done 15k ago
4 additional "pearl" wheels with michelin "studless" snow tires (almost
VAG-COM wiring connector (to Laptop) as well as License to full version
of VAG-COM software
4 gallons (+\-) Mobil DTE-13-M (Generic pentosin) (from when the rack
was done)
Rear Bose amps have been rebuilt
Needs: (or... not good things)
Time for the timing belt. Last one 59.5k miles ago. With that was ALL
tensioners, H2O pump, ALL top engine seals. Spent WAY too much money
back then!!!
Black paint on front bumper peeling.
Drivers seat heater not working
Small hydraulic leak from front (perhaps pump?) (1 drip /day)
front left Bose unit no working... I have a replacement to canabalize
parts from.
I am selling due to the accident where my wife & I (& 4 friends) were
hit by a racing deunk driver last fall, rendering my wife paralized from
her waist down. We just purchased a Van for her to drive and I dont have
room in the driveway. I WOULD NOT sell the V8 if it weren't for this. It
is my most favorite car I have ever owned.
I would like to get $3250 for it,  but I will entertain any REASONABLE
offer from somone on the list. Otherwise I will place an an in the local
Located near Portland, OR
Please contact me off-list.
md.greven at verizon.net

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