[V8] Bose specs

Hoffman Anthony J A1C 552 CMS/MXMVC Anthony.Hoffman at tinker.af.mil
Tue May 25 07:15:17 EDT 2004

The bose speakers are about 1.7 ohms, and are capable of handling a LOT of
power. For an experience I took one 4 1/2" Bose driver, and hooked it to my
Technics 125 Watt home stereo. It wouldn't blow, even at full volume!!! It
did go all the way to the end of its travel, but didn't blow. Built pretty
tough, I'd say. Too bad the same can't always be said of the amps.

Tony Hoffman

>>The stock Bose are not 4ohm impedance, I think they are 6 or 8ohm... Using
the stock fronts connected to a high-power head unit (along with the correct
impedance >>rears) is a little less than desirable, but doable.  I have it
faded to the rear a bit to help balance my setup out. I am unable to turn it
up past a certain point however, without the front speakers starting to
sound like a dog at the end of it's owner's leash, but this is up around the
point that I probably shouldn't go too much >>louder for my hearing's sake

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