[V8] need legal advise

UR32VQUATTRO allanvega at adelphia.net
Tue May 25 18:05:02 EDT 2004

Fellow listers ,I need some help/advise here. Like most of you, I do most of the work on my v8q except for those time where you cant help but have to go to a shop.In this case, I needed an alignment. Before bringing the car in, I replace the rear camber links and front tie rod ends. I tried to free up the front adjusters as well. I was only able to get the left one free. I just figured they would pop[ it out and adjust it that way at an extra cost of course. No problem right?
 $150 later I get the car back and now pulls to the right and wheel is cocked to the left. They did pop the tie rod end out like I thought(and charged me for it) . But in doing  so they tore the boot. Now listers, how do you tear a tie rod boot if your using a puller? exactly....they used a pickle fork. big no no when saving a new or good tie rod. They said they would repair it. I wanted a new one for fear that they also damaged the plastic lined socket. they said no. to make matters worse, they never adjusted the rear wheels( toe adjustments bolts on the  lower control arm are rusted solid(no evidence a wrench has been on it in years) Called back demanding a refund as well as a new tie rod end. The owner Ron told me "your  sh*t out of luck" then hung up. What should/can I do? thanks. Allan

fyi  the shop is a privately owned Goodyear in Waterbury,CT

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