[V8] Oil Seals

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Thu May 27 11:23:07 EDT 2004

Steve B. pretty much summed up my thoughts but keep this in mind:

The crank case is directly vented to atmosphere through the breather hose.
For a new rear seal to cause a crank case pressure difference, the old one would
have to have been missing all together. His reasoning is pretty much bunk but on
the other hand, if the rear was worn out it is probably reasonable to expect the
front to be worn too.

Has the motor oil been switched form dino to synthetic? That can be a no no on a
hi mile motor.
If the leak is tolerable, I would hold off untill you need a timing belt - then
do it all at once. Much cheaper that way.

You may also want to carefully torque all 8 zillion oil pan bolts. (use a torque
wrench so they are all evenly torqued)


Quoting roncav3 at comcast.net:

> Hi fellas,
> Pretty new to the mailing list and I'm hoping that maybe some of you can
> offer some words of advice.  My question is, can replacing the rear main seal
> cause other engine oil seals to weaken and leak?
> I knew that my rear seal and valve cover gaskets were leaking.  I asked a
> local garage (that was recommended) to fix the "oil leaks."  Well, I got my
> car back after having the rear seal replaced (I did the valve cover gaskets)
> and my car was still leaking oil.  The garage determined that it was now the
> front seal leaking because replacing the rear seal caused "pressure to crack
> the front seal."  Is this guy for real?  My problem is, I knew the rear seal
> and valve cover gaskets were leaking when I brought it in, but didn't think
> to look for any other leaks beyond that one.
> Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
> Ron
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