[V8] Oil Seals

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Thu May 27 16:33:15 EDT 2004

The proof they missed a obvious oil leak is all over the front/bottom of the
motor. Ask them to explain how the rear main made the front of the motor wet.

And how they could have missed this the first time but now it is so obvious?

A seal does not go from good to bad in the space of a trip home from the garage.


Quoting roncav3 at comcast.net:

> Thanks for the insight!
> What I'm really trying to figure out is if I have any type of case for
> holding them liable for fixing the oil leaks that they missed.  You all
> indicate that it's not possible for the new rear main seal to cause other
> leaks - so the front engine oil leaks must have been present all along.
> I told the garage that the car "leaks oil."  I didn't specify where the oil
> was coming from.  I expected them to find the oil leaks and repair them.
> They told me that the rear main seal and valve cover gaskets needed to be
> replaced.  So, I let them do the work that I couldn't be bothered with - RMS.
>  When I got my car back, as soon as I got home I noticed it was leaking oil.
> Their claim is that it wasn't leaking from the front seal when they were
> given the car to do repairs.  Of course, they didn't really attempt to clean
> up the engine at all (I looked and it's still pretty nasty).  Now, I've paid
> them way too much money to replace the rear seal and I still need engine
> repairs.  Where do I stand?  Are they liable for not finding the front engine
> leak(s) in the first place?  I'm furious!  Thanks for all of your help.
> Ron
> '90 V8Q
> pearl white
> 17" AT Italia S5's
> 141k miles

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