[V8] need legal advise

DieMarthaDie at aol.com DieMarthaDie at aol.com
Thu May 27 20:59:46 EDT 2004

I'm assuming that you have paid this guy in cash?  If not, obviously stop the 
check or call your credit card company and say you are disputing the charges. 
 Even if it has already cleared most companies will hold up his funds.  
Explain the situation and pending legal action in your claim to the credit card 
company.  They WILL hold up his money.

I watched a very similar thing happen at an Avellinos in PA.  They told this 
poor woman she needed all new struts/shocks to pass inspection after 32,000 
miles, pulled the sport option package from her VW and replaced it (incorrectly) 
with non-sport parts and failed to secure them.  Her wheel almost fell off 
getting across the street.  She got her money back but had to threaten suit and 
hand them the CORRECT part numbers for the parts she was supposed to have on 
the car - she got all that information from my friends shop who put her car on 
a lift and inspected everything AND wrote it down.  He usually worked on her 
cars but was busy when she was in a rush for inspection... she won't make that 
mistake again...

Under no circumstances should you let this guy get away with this.  He placed 
YOUR LIFE in jeopardy.  I'm not Mr Lawsuit, but this is the kind of asshole 
that we're supposed to sue!

I'm kind of surprised that no one mentioned Goodyear.  Yes, it may be a 
privately owned shop, but if it's got Goodyear's name on the front, they can be 
named in the suit and THEY will probably do more to make the guy pay than you 
would!  They can put pressure on him and they want the publicity less than he 

BBB is easy, but unless he's got a lot of other complaints filed, you might 
be no further along.  Likewise the local media (TV and Papers) and local AAA 
office and others.

* document everything done and the mistakes that they made.
* document your attempt to have the situation corrected and his response.
* present all that in writing to the local media and BBB.
* contact Goodyear about their franchise liability and their liason to 
support their brand image and customer services.
* another call to the guy explaining what you have done and your intent to 
sue if he does not correct this situation within 10 days.  Follow that up with a 
CERTIFIED letter to him and a copy to Goodyear, and the BBB.  In ALL cases 
make sure you point out that the failure of his service placed your life in 

of course, posting this incident on every car list you can think of won't 
help him much either... use the name and address!

If all else fails, I know some guys...  ;)

Good Luck,

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