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Fri May 28 11:31:18 EDT 2004

Thanks guys, point(s) well taken.  I guess I'm just frustrated with the garage as well as myself.  Nobody likes to hear that their car needs to have additional repairs after shelling out way too much $.  I'm going to just let it go because they were able to seal the tranny without any type of major aftermath.  And I will eventually need to replace the t-belt (I'm not doing it).  So, this guy is a viable option.  I'll have them fix the front engine leaks when it's t-belt time.  I'll just chalk it up as a lesson learned.

I've owned this car for 2 years.  I've done a lot of DIY stuff: valve cover gaskets, crank position sensor, engine speed sensor, and the list goes on.  I guess I'm just pretty upset with myself for not realizing the extent of repairs that these cars constantly need.  A lot of which I just don't have the time to get into.  But, at least I've found myself a support group!  Thanks.


> > ... So, I let them do the work that I couldn't be 
> > bothered with - RMS.
> Welcome aboard Ron!  Hang around for a while and you'll probably start to see 
> the frivolty of this issue, as Camrys these cars ain't.
> From my backyard, it sounds like you'd have a microscopic case if you hadn't 
> taken the car back and done what you could (valve covers) and returned for just 
> the RMS.  But only microscopic -- At best you should be at the front of the line 
> for getting back in the shop to continue the repair process.
> It rubs me the wrong way that the guy blamed the crankcase pressure or whatever, 
> rather than saying, "whelp, the valve covers must not have been the only source 
> of the leak up front.  Do we keep going?"  If the customer (you) doesn't 
> understand the unique difficulty in diagnosing this sort of thing, it's likely 
> not the type of customer the shop wants anyway.  OTOH, the shop would go 
> bankrupt in a week waiting around for customers of such understanding.
> Having BTDT on several early Jags, know that multiple oil leaks are diagnosed 
> and repaired two ways:
> (1) Fix what you know is leaking, thoroughly wash the motor top and bottom, kill 
> whatever electrical gremlin you awoke by washing, and wait for another leak to 
> surface.  Repeat.  Of course, washing a V8's motor is practically dumb, let 
> alone futile in this case due to the t-belt cover.
> OR
> (2) Remove motor, replace every dang seal there is at once.  Pray nothing leaks.  
> Charge a year's worth of A4 payments.
> For the record, I did #2 above on my car (with help), and the motor's FINALLY 
> dry.  Of course the hydraulic system promptly sprung a new leak -- so it's like 
> shovelling sand with a pitchfork anyway.
> Save your "fury" for cases of gross negligence or the Super Bowl, and wait for 
> your t-belt to need replacing.  If this guy was able to R&R a V8's trans without 
> incident, perhaps he's a candidate for the belt job as well... perhaps.  Don't 
> burn a bridge.
> My friendly yet candid $8.19
> -DaveC.
> '91 V8 5M

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