[V8] 1993 V8 Quattro

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Wed Nov 3 08:06:33 EST 2004

I think it's time.  To sell my V8.  We have made a decision to finish off 
the garage here to add some interior space, and I am faced with the need to 
store the V8 or sell it.

It's been a wonderful car for the three plus years that I have had it.  It 
has given me relatively little trouble aside from the oil leak of last 
winter...that cost a fortune to find and repair.  But now, it doesn't leak, 
the timing belt, waterpump, rollers, tensioner, hydraulic pump and a 
partridge in a pear tree are all new, and the car is sparkling.

I have had the car repainted the original color, which I believe is cayenne 
mica metallic, and it is probably as good as it gets.

The only real blemish on the car is an inop Bose stereo that might or might 
not be covered under theAudi/Bose recall.  I just don't care enough to take 
it the hundred miles to the dealer and speculate.

I just looked at the used car values as shown on the usual places on the 
net, and nothing makes any sense to me.  Kelly Blue Book doesn't seem to 
list the car at all, and the NADA used car guide is delusional.  My car has 
98,000 miles on it as we speak, and it truly is about as good as they 
get....but there is NO WAY that this car is worth the high retail price that 
NADA Guide shows...over twelve grand.  Nope.  NO way.

I am mentioning this to the list.  Long time list readers have seen me do 
this before, but this time the car will be sold.  Right now, I plan to list 
it on eBay, probably this weekend.  I will start with a minimum bid that I 
want to get, but there will be no reserve.  The car will be sold, and should 
there be someone on the list who is interested, email me off list and we can 
discuss it....if you are serious.  I am not interested in chatting about it 
for the fun of it, but if you are a serious buyer, let's talk.


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