[V8] Engine Noise?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Wed Nov 3 16:16:13 EST 2004

Does this mean that it's worth doing the oil pump bearing if you're doing
the timing belt?

At 01:59 PM 11/3/2004 -0700, dsaad at icehouse.net wrote:
>Someone already went through this - but the oil pump bearing goes bad, and it
>causes a nasty rotating rumbling sound at idle. Mine went out around 110000
>It is expensive to replace - you basically have to do a timing belt job + the
>labor and parts for the bearing - and the bearing was near $100 as I recall so
>be sure to eliminate the other possibilities first. The bearing is easy to
>change - once the timing belt is off. double check:
> - alternator bearings
> - accessory belt idlers
> - engine fan bearing (the same bearing as the oil pump bearing - as stated
>before, buy the oil pump bearing for both uses as it is quite a bit cheaper)
> - engine fan viscous clutch bearing
> - timing belt idlers
>Quoting AWHdcny at aol.com:
>> I am also experiencing the same noise from the engine with about the same
>> conditions.  I have a '93 V8Q, 150,000 miles.  This noise is  rotational and
>> very elusive as to the source.  I am also wondering  what is the cause given
>> that, the obvious culprits have been ruled out on my  vehicle.  It is at
>> Audi
>> Connection presently for some  upgrades and to check out this 'noise'.  Any
>> ideas
>> or solutions would also  be appreciated.
>> Allan Holland
>> '93 Audi V8Q
>> '90 VW Corrado
>> '73 MB 450SEL
>> '91 Suzuki Samurai
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>> I get this weird noise from the front of the engine that  sounds almost
>> like a belt is getting tired but not quite that. It doesnt do  it when
>> the engine is cold, but does when it is warm and or has been ran  for
>> awhile. Also i can only hear it at low speed, it seems to either  go
>> away at higher speeds (above 1500RPM) or is drowned out by  the
>> engine... Its not the lifters because i can hear that on occasion  and
>> that goes away for the rest of the day after the morning start.  This
>> noise sounds like a "chush chush " with a touch of "clank" in it  and
>> sounds like its coming from the front passenger side of the  main
>> engine block.
>> Any ideas?
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