Fw: [V8] Help!! It still doesn't run! WTF Update

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Fri Nov 5 21:04:03 EST 2004

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One other possibility . ( It HAS happened before ! )  Did you fuel up / top
up with DIESEL by mistake ??  It would run for about half a mile and never
start again and flood at every starting attempt.
Jurgen , Up in the Great White North with a great Black Beauty v8.

Ok, I sure hope someone can help. I'm no V8Q expert, and this car seems as
if it's out to show me just how true that is.
We swapped both reference sensors out of the 5k to no avail. We also
ECU's, still no run. Nothing, just acts like it wants to start, then floods
out in a matter of 5 seconds. Pulled codes today. We got the folowing:
1.    2322 (inlet air temp) - slight power loss, increase in fuel
2.    2113 (hall sender in distributor) - mis-located sensor and
3.    2121 (idle switch) - switch defective - this could be due to me
pushing on the pedal while cranking.

First, is it possible to put the distributor in 180degrees out? by the
looks, it doesn't seem possible.
Can anyone else help?

Tony Hoffman

Swimming in about 8 Audi's too many :-(


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