[V8] WOT V8 issue

Roy Hall rhall04 at comcast.net
Mon Nov 8 00:24:13 EST 2004

Having just btdt with my 91 V8 - check the linkage for the cruise 
control on the back of the motor.  It runs from underneath the throttle 
plate to the vacuum actuator on the drivers side.  The linkage is a rod 
that is mounted underneath the throttle plate runs through a bracket 
with a plastic clip and presses against the vacuum actuator.
The clip goes bad and the rod drops down to sit on the engine/ 
transmission housing where it waits until a spirited driver puts his 
/her foot into it and then lodges itself so the throttle will not 
close.  Exciting ride for a short time.  Holding it back with the 
brakes is not recommended - I've been told it stresses the tranny.
The fix is a new plastic clip - under $2 believe it or not.   I fixed 
it on the side of the road to get home with good old duct tape ( use # 


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