[V8] 1990 Bose Repair

RichardMor at aol.com RichardMor at aol.com
Mon Nov 8 22:26:19 EST 2004

<<if I owned a 1990 model I would be raising the issue with the NHTSA.  As
far as I know the 1990 Audi V8 Quattros used exactly the same stereo as
the 1991, with the same Audi part number for the rear deck speakers.  As
I have stated before, it seems to me that anyone who is concerned that
this problem may affect them as well ought to contact the NHTSA and
submit a problem report.  I just checked the site and see that there
were two people who submitted reports back in 2001 ... perhaps a few
more reports might get some action ... >>

Steve - you are absolutely correct.  When I owned my 1990, I had rear speaker
problems.  The ruling came down that only included the 1991 and later models.
I contacted both the NHTSA and AudiUSA.  Over several weeks, I must have
wasted 20 hours trying to understand why the 1990 was not included.  Received
zero info and an impossible stalemate from the NHTSA about getting the 1990
included.  I gave up.  I think I did mail in some form they gave me.
Ended up making the repair myself - bought the capacitors as described here 
hired a local company (that makes circuit boards) to replace them at a cost of
$50 bucks cash.  The caps cost about $6 bucks  - got both rear amps repaired
for less than $60!
I'm pretty sure AudiUSA circumvented the major cost on this issue by 
the NHTSA that they would repair the 1991 and up models and that's all that 
to be done- leaving the 1500 or so 1990 models to fend for themselves.

Richard Morris
Renton, WA

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