[V8] 1990 V8Q 150,000

Michael Larosa Jr Mc.Larosa at Sun.COM
Wed Nov 10 07:16:55 EST 2004

uuummmm,  would anybody like to hear my experiences with an A4 Cabriolet ?


bob moy wrote:
> Dealers as Steve have pointed out don't gives a rat ass about your trade-in, 
> especially if it is a 14 year old car.  By giving you $1300 for your car, 
> only means that they are less willing to go down on the price.  In reality 
> you have just given them your car for nothing.
> Try selling it or donating it to charity.  Tell the dealer that you decided 
> to donate the car and ask them how far down will they go on the price 
> without a trade in, if they really want to make a deal they should be 
> willing to drop at least $500 off on a A4.  Most of the time I find that if 
> the dealers think that I'm about to walk then, they are more willing to 
> deal.
> If it was me I would just keep the old girl as a winter beater and save the 
> A4 for spring, summer and fall driving. A ragtop is not my ideal car for 
> winter driving
> Bob M
> [V8] 1990 V8Q 150,000
> Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
> Tue Nov 9 12:50:32 EST 2004
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> ... dealers are dealers ... an Audi dealer couldn't care less if you
> were trading in a Datsun F310 or their 1990 flagship model ... all
> they're going to give you is blue book.  Probably all you'll be able to
> do is to check Edmunds and KBB yourself to see what they give for "trade
> in" value for the car and pick the one that is the highest.  If you want
> to get more for your car you'll have to sell it yourself ...
> Steve B
> San Jose, CA (USA)
>>My time as a V8Q owner may be coming to an end. I am condidering buying an 
>>A4 cabriolet and trading in the old lady. However, the dealer is 
>>'generously' offering me $1300, and I would like some feedback from the 
>>list if anyone has a second.
>>The details are: 150,000 miles with new transmission at 100,000 (don't have 
>>proof for this unfortunately), new timing belt at 120,000, interior in very 
>>good shape, kenwood stereo, small dent and scrathes on outside, tires have 
>>about 8,000 miles, some issues with rolling up and down passenger windows. 
>>Other than that it drives pretty well.
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