[V8] v8q Bose Speaker repair

remove NOSPAM dsaadNOSPAM at icehouse.net
Sat Nov 13 18:49:55 EST 2004

If you are handy with a soldering iron, and these directions make sense 
to you then:

There is one small tantalum capacitor in the amp. Replace it. If that 
cures the problem then you are probably good to go. If the two biggest 
electrolytic caps show signs of leaking, replace them too. You have to 
be careful to get the correct physical size as well as correct 
electrical ratings. In my case - which sounds just like yours, the 
problem was the tantalum cap only.

If you just want to buy a factory rebuild, I believe someone just got 
them for around $70 each - and they came with a lifetime warranty.

... only 70K miles on a '91? has the timing belt been replaced?


On Friday, November 12, 2004, at 07:33 PM, Tom La Plante wrote:

> Hey, just resigned up as a member of the 21st century(high speed 
> cable).  Saw the posts on the rear bose speaker problem.  Left rear 
> speaker just puked yesterday(first time) and that was the reason for 
> wanting to check out the list and was glad to see it was the current 
> topic.  I have a 90 with 70,200 miles on it.  Rt rear speaker  squaks 
> when turned on, and is inoperable(amazing how much you lose with one 
> speaker gone).  Thought I'd find a used speaker from a number of 
> sources, but I hear tell of capacitor issues..can someone bring be up 
> to date on the issue, would be glad to hassle someone over a bulletin 
> issue..just need to get up to speed as the problem(just pulled the 
> computer out of a box after awhile)......adios Tom
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