[V8] WOT - the return! Other minor problems 4.2 V8Q

Michael Larosa Jr Mc.Larosa at Sun.COM
Mon Nov 15 08:52:51 EST 2004

Carter Johnson wrote:
> Like a bad Jerry Bruckheimer movie, the WOT problem
> returned yesterday afternoon on the highway.  Only 5
> miles from my destination, I figured I could make it,
> since the car was only stuck at 1/2 throttle, and was
> just slowly creeping up speed.  Bad choice.
> In hindsight, I should have stopped immediately, but I
> figured I could make it.  I managed to get to my spot,
> but by the time I got there, I had heated the front
> brakes up to the point that they ignited the nice
> grease buildup on the calipers.  Presto - caliper
> flambe.  I was able to get them out quickly, and after
> a careful check, nothing seemed damaged.  I turned to
> the engine, and disassembled everything (again), only
> to find the throttle closed.  I fully lubbed up the
> trottle again, and it was much freer than last time,
> but the problem still perplexes me, since I drove the
> car Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday with no
> problem at all, and several times dipped deep into the
> throttle, but yesterday came out nowhere.  So, what's
> the deal?  Again, now the car seems to have no
> problem.  Is it likely that the cruise control rod is
> sticking somewhere?  The cruise doesn't function as of
> now. 

ummm, without looking i'm no help, sorry carter..

> Next set of problems - Radio is in safe mode - only
> way is to go to the dealer to get the code?  

yup, go to a dealer, they will be able to get you the code.

> I don't
> seem to have it.  Neither front or rear defroster
> works.  The climate system does work, but no air at
> all comes out of the top of the dash.  This could get
> tricky in the winter (already has on Friday, when it
> was humid and rainy here!).  Cruise doesn't work, and
> the locks don't work - I can lock the car up from
> inside, or I can lock the driver's door from outside,
> but the other locks won't function with the key.  They
> do lock from inside though.  Strange.  Still has a
> pulsing of power at very light (cruising) throttle -
> one member suggested oxygen sensor?  

I'll attach my  hesitation notes....

> ABS OFF light is on.  I'd like to have the ABS operational, if
> possible.  Ideas?  

On the back of each spindle bracket you'll find the ABS sensors,
the service manual tells how far to put them into the hole, best
guess is one is out of spec...

> When I was under the car yesterday,
> there is a bracket under the caliper which has a plug
> on it, and two wires coming out.  The wires on both
> sides are cut - are these the ABS sensors?  

Maybe, but they also may be the pad wear sensor wires.

> Finally,
> one of the fog lights is out - are they H3 bulbs?  
> Thanks for all the help, as always.  I looked like a
> pro yesterday ripping the intake out of the car in my
> church-going attire.
> Carter


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Hi Everybody,

Every once in a while I peruse through the archives for V8 stuff.

I noticed all the questions about surging.

It seems you guy's are going down the correct path....


Here are my experiences with surging in my 90 V8.

Yes it does the stepped surging in increments of about
200-300rpm at a time.  Still does..... I'll explain later...

Note: First thing I did was to buy the sunpro multimeter that
      it pretty much a pre-requisite if you plan to fix your Audi :-)


Grab a standard automotive single pole 12v light bulb (Like one of the
rear light bulbs or something similar) solder a wire to the side and 
one to the bottom.  Or cobble something together like I did and 
simply wrap the wire around it and tape :-)  Black plastic electrical 
tape is acceptable here :-)

You know have a VAG 1551.... or close enough.. for today's lesson. :-)

Under the passenger side carpet are 4 jacks to stick the wires into

See previous post about making a test wire.....and how to dump codes...

Troubleshooting tips for surging:

Does it surge if you floor it ?  

No, then gas is probably ok.

Yes, I would change gas stations.  Throw in a few applications of techron...

	Use 93 or better octane!!!

Does it surge in the first 20-30 seconds of running when stone cold ?

No,  The car runs in open loop or preset sensor signals for the first 20-30
     seconds.  No ECU involvement as far as automatic ignition timing
     changes and such.
     Possible problems:  O2 sensor, Hall Sender, ECU itself.
     The O2 sensor you can test with the multimeter from the harness
     on the drivers side, back of head connector.
Yes, Back to possible bad gas problem...

In my particular instance, I have a bad Hall Sender which required
replacing the complete distributor.  Big Cash for me, decided not 
to do it yet.....  This was verified by the Dump Codes.

Of course when I did get the cash, it didn't make a difference... dddooohhh.

Tech Tip:

One thing I also did here was go to Radio Shack and buy a couple of
adjustable potentiometers in the 5-5000 ohm range.  I then would 
preset them to an ohm level that a sensor should be feeding the 
engine and plug into the wiring harness. Test drive to see if a 
change has been affected.   I checked every sensor related to the
engine to confirm which sensor was hosed.

And yes there are quite a few of us V8 owners who peruse the list
on occasion :-)


Mike LaRosa  (978) 442-1250

P.S. Just for fun,  Remove the Air Filter cover and go for a quick
     blast around the block.  Sounds like you could suck squirrels 
     off the street into the intake from 10 feet away :-)

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