[V8] Wagon taillights - More V8 Avant Photos!

Jeremy Ward jward at mti-interactive.com
Mon Nov 15 10:36:52 EST 2004

Well that certainly makes sense.  Although, if you (Audi) are going
through the trouble of making a one-off V8 Avant, why not use the use
the red tail lights, weld in a little piece of metal over the hole, and
slap on a little Bondo Band-Aid?

A 'friend of ours' in Germany sent me some very high res photos of the
one of a kind 1989 V8 Avant (Classic Line) that is on display on the
rotisserie in Ingolstadt.  I was going to pick one of these photos to
put in the V8 Calendar I was putting together, but lack of time (on my
part) and lack of advertising $$ on the part of advertisers made it a
no-go for this year. :-(  Perhaps next year...

Here are Marco D's photos: 

Can't wait to see it for myself in February!


- Jeremy

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A while back Jeremy Ward (certified V8 nut) posted pictures of a V8
Wagon in the Audi museum in Germany. Some of you noted that the car had
the standard 200 taillights. If you look, the button for the hatch
release for a wagon is on the hatch itself, not in the taillights.
Therefore, they would have had to make a one-off hatch with no hole
under to put the V8 taillights onto it. Just a FYI

I ran into the myself as I am starting a V8/200 20V Wagon project. I'll
have to have the hole in the hatch filled, and use the V8 linkage to put
the V8 tails onto it.

Tony Hoffman
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