[V8] v8q Bose Speaker repair

urq urq at pacbell.net
Tue Nov 16 01:53:05 EST 2004

... with the Bose system there is an amplifier/equalizer built into the 
speaker units.  This is most easily confirmed by looking at the speakers in 
the rear deck.  While I'm sure the audio dynamics are improved by keeping 
the wires from the amplifier to the speaker short, the fact that there is DC 
power with sufficient energy to start a fire supplied to each and every 
speaker poses a pretty big risk IMHO ...

I'm not sure whether or not I reported this here earlier ... but I stumbled 
upon the fact that the urS4 Bose system has the rear speaker amps mounted in 
an enclosed heatsink which should reduce the chances that an amp failure 
will give catastrophic results.  The amp cards built into the box are the 
same ones mounted directly to the speaker housings on the V8.  When I get a 
chance I plan to mount the box in my car ... the original plan was to mount 
the newer Sony non-RF changer in place of the remote controlled RF modulated 
unit that goes with the B-punkt Delta (already got a Gamma-Bose in the dash) 
... but after getting a 40GB iPod I'm wondering what value there is to 
having a CD changer at all ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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When you say "amp" do you mean the radio itself or is there a separate amp? 
(haven't really had a chance to look at any of it). And yes I got the car 
last year from my girlfriends dad and he had the timing belt done before I 
got it.  The only problems are it needs new front rotors and the paint on 
the bumpers is peeling off in sheets.

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