[V8] V8 won't start when engine is hot!

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Wed Nov 17 14:59:17 EST 2004

Whoa! Let's cool down a bit... 

Check the Fuel Pressure regulator on the V8. If it is leaking and not maintaning line pressure, the heat from the engine could be vaporizing the fuel and pushing it through the return line back to the tank. You can check by removing a fuel line after the engine is nice and toasty, then wait about 20 mins, then remove the pressure line with the engine off. You should get a hefty squirty of fuel... If not then you've found your problem!

If not that then it could be speed sensors, which should throw an error code.

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Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2004 1:29 pm
Subject: [V8] V8 won't start when engine is hot!

> Hi guys, haven't posted in a while since I moved on to a 20V
> Turbo but I have an issue and need help.  Both Audis decided to
> sh*t on me at the same time.  S6 siezes the rear caliper while
> fiance is driving it and proceeds to turn the rotor into
> hamburger, and the V8 which I just put back on the road last
> week will now not start when it's warm.  The car always started
> very quickly since I have onwed it the last 5 years, I mean like
> in 2 cranks, but now all of a sudden will not start when the
> engine is warm.  When it is cold it starts right up, like
> nothing is wrong.  Any insight out there as to what this is?  I
> have not pulled any codes b/c I never have and don't know the
> procedure.  If I recall correctly from my 4 years of lurking on
> this list does a engine speed sensor sound like the problem? 
> Thanks for any help.  I am currently stuck at home b/c both of
> my Audis are down.......this sucks:(
> I must be sadistic to have 2 of these 4 ringed bast*rds!
> John
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