[V8] poor gas mileage

Matt Smith smittypig24 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 17 17:09:01 EST 2004

I replaced my O2 sensor about a year ago and I had that same problem a few
weeks ago. Got about 10mpg. I got another new O2 sensor and it's back to
normal, 20mpg just about everywhere. If figured it's only $30 so why not try
it first. I didn't have to splice wires...everyone talks about the 4 wire O2
sensor, when the one I used (ford taurus v6) works fine. Just my

Purcellville, VA
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Hello folks. This past week I noticed my gas mileage drop off a bit (8mpg
city) the fpr and o2 sensor cant be more than a year old. I tried
diconnecting the o2 sensor already(There was no differance in gas mileage)
Here are the codes i pulled :

2342 (o2 sensor)
2341 (o2 sensor)
2322 air temp sensor
4431 idle stab valve

I suspect fault wireing somewhere.  any help where to start would be a great
help. Thanks. Allan

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