[V8] Re: exhaust soot and poor gas mileage update

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It's the one behind the pass. side cylinder head.  Audi PN# 035 919 369 M or
GP Sorensen 38-5104 from your local auto parts store (under $25).  Make sure
you have them look it up under fuel/emissions parts (not cooling).  I
believe there are three coolant temp sensors:  The one at the front of the
IM goes to the temp guage and if there's a problem with it (or not) and it
reads high, it automatically (through the instrument cluster) triggers the
auxiliary cooling fan to kick in.  I believe there's another at the

>From what I understand, the one in the head does two things:  Adjusts when
the climate control kicks on for heat (which it won't do if it's reading the
temp as cold) and it also feeds the ECU so that it can run the appropriate
fuel adaptation map.  The oxs sensor does the fine tuning.  I'm up to 19.3
MPG with the 5-speed in mixed around town driving --  2+ MPG better than I
was ever able to get before.  Over 20k miles, that's 120 Gallons difference,
or about $264 at $2.20/Gal or $300 at $2.50/Gal or (God forbid) $360 at


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> Shoot, guess I haven't replaced all of the temp sensors yet.  Can you get
me a part # so I can get one on the way.  I have replaced the G82/83 ones.
How many more temp sensors are there?  I was having the same high
idle/sticking problem...
> Joel
> '90 V8q
> '86 5kcstq

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