[V8] Tempermental ABS sensors

Gunter Lorberg glforensic at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 24 23:54:57 EST 2004

Question:  What do I need to know to ensure that the ABS sensors are positioned properly?
I replaced both front outer CV boots a couple of months ago.  I gently pryed the sensors out a little to ensure clearance for removing the axles.  I believe that I have pushed them back in as far as they will go (not forcefully, mind you).  Since doing the boots, the ABS has activated unnecessarily at very low speeds in the final stages of deceleration on regular surfaces (just as I'm rolling to a stop....perhaps at speeds less than 5-10mph).  I cannot tell if it involves one side or the other (or both for that matter).  When accelerating AND turning (such as when pulling out of my driveway--again, at VERY low speeds) the quattro drivetrain now seems to 'bind' a bit--it feels as though one of the rear wheels is 'locked' slightly and unable to routinely compensate for different turning radiuses.  My theory is that the ABS sensors are feeding incorrect info to the transmission ECU causing a solenoid valve to lock the multi-disc clutch in the planetary center differential.  
Everything worked well prior to moving the ABS sensors.  The fluids in the front and rear differentials, as well as the transmission, are all clean and properly topped up.
What should I do with the sensors?  Remove them?  Clean them?  I hope that there is a simply solution.
I would also like to announce that I have added a 2nd V8 to the garage at home.  Another 1990...black with an automatic.  Both are Canadian cars.
Thanks for your help,

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