[V8] Self-fusing Polymer Tape

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Powerbond is similar but not the same (rated -27° to 260° F) -- so IMO it's
more appropriate for coolant hose leak repair, among other things.   The
other stuff also goes by the name Tommy Tape and is available from ACE and
True Value hardware stores (look in the electrical tape section).  It's a
self-fusing polymer tape.  Tommy Tape is superior to Powerbond in that it's
continuos duty range is -65° to 500°F and if wrapped properly has a tear
resistance of 85PSI.


Of note:  At the recent ACNA Nationals in Brainerd, MN, the IC to throttle
body hose of my Urq split in my first run group :-(
Nobody had a spare hose (almost unobtainium anyway).  But I was lucky enough
to find someone who had a roll of Tommy Tape.  Just in case, I also
duct-taped over it.  For those who've used duct tape, you know that it will
split at 7PSI and doesn't like the heat.  Well, the  Tommy Tape held 12 PSI
and probably would have held more (I may still test this now that I have a
new replacement hose).  Anyhow, I was able to drive my Urq the ~800 miles
back through the Upper peninsula of Michigan to Metro Detroit without
incident.  I made sure to find some emergency spare rolls when I got home.
A must for your toolkit, IMO.

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> Is that the same stuff as Edelbrock's Power Bond
> http://www.edelbrock.com/automotive/index.html  ????  I"ve been buying
> at FLAPS.
> At 02:49 PM 10/3/2004 -0400, cobram at juno.com wrote:
> >Dave Head <v8q at bellsouth.net> writes:
> >> Cool - we used to use this all the time on the ship - I didn't
> >> mention
> >> it because:
> >> 1 - I thought you needed something smaller.
> >> 2 - Had no clue where to get it anyway.
> >>
> >> Great stuff - it bonds to itself, but its really not sticky. After
> >> prolonged exposure to heat it turns to a good example of concrete.
> >> Lasts
> >> forever.
> >
> >>> http://www.x-tremetape.com/x-tremetape_001.htm
> >
> >Pirelli also makes something similar, available at most professional
> >electrical supply houses.  It's used mainly to wrap splices on well
> >pumps, spa and tub heaters, and most harsh environment splices.
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