[V8] Emergency Pentosin ?

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Mon Oct 4 00:47:16 EDT 2004

If the leak is at an accessible place on one of the hoses, a temp fix
that has worked for me is to wrap the leak tightly with a piece of inner
tube, and them put 2 hose clamps over the inner tube right over the leak
area and tighten them up.  I've done this on 3 top hose leaks over the
years, and it'll get a steady stream down to a slow drip until you can
get around to fixing it.

Since you're in Maine, and will most likely be driving right by Chris
Semples place in Concord NH,  why don't you get in touch with him and see
if he can't take care of the problem, or at least pinpoint it.  Chris
usually has a V8Q or 2 around for parts.  Chris can be reached at: (603)
223-6700, Email: Chris at Force5Auto.com ,  URL: http://www.force5auto.com/

The main Mobil/Exxon distributor for DTE 13M in Maine, NH & Mass is
Windward Petroleum, they have the stuff in stock for $39 a 5 gal bucket,
their Maine phone number is: 800-696-5823.  They recently delivered a
pail to me here in Boston, it came out of their Manchester NH warehouse,
which is also on your route back to PA.  


<bluesgtar at dejazzd.com> writes:
> I have a nasty leak in the power steering system. Unfortunately I am 
> in Oxford Maine and may have difficulty 
> obtaining pentosin to get me and my 93 V8Q back to PA.
> Is there a temporary replacement which would get me 500 miles after 
> which I would purge the system and return to pentosin?
> What would regular PS fluid do to the seals?
> Ralph Cook

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