[V8] Clutch hydraulic hose source

Ingo Rautenberg i.rautenberg at waratap.com
Tue Oct 5 15:42:45 EDT 2004

I recently had the high pressure line to the stering rack on the 'new' V8
repaired by PIRTEK for just under $100 with 5000psi continuous duty hose and
swivel connections to boot.  They have many locations:




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Subject: [V8] Clutch hydraulic hose source

> Anyone know where I can get a replacement hydraulic
> hose for the clutch in my '91 V8 5spd?  This is the
> rubber/steel line that runs from the clutch master to
> the slave.  Mine burst about a week ago and I can't
> find a replacement.  Dealer says three weeks minimum.
> Would a 200 line work?  They both have the same clutch
> master and slave, but for some reason, don't share the
> same line between them.  Anyone know the differneces
> between the 200 and the v8?  How about a shop that
> could repair my existing line?  Any help would be
> greatly appreciated.  Without a car, I ride my bike to
> work, and the mornings are getting mighty cold.
> Thanks.
> Tom B.
> '91 V8 5spd
> '00 Ducati Monster 900S (only mode of transportation
> right now)
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