[V8] Temp Sensor

Dave Head v8q at bellsouth.net
Wed Oct 6 08:44:12 EDT 2004

I have seen new radiators come partially blocked. Take it down to a good 
radiator shop that can do a thermal image or a temp probe check of 
radiator temps top to bottom and side to side. There were issues with 
plastic water pump vanes eroding, so make certain you have a metal 
impellor if you go in there.
My 90 was running 90 to 100 up until this year - it now runs 95 on the 
highway, 102-105 in town - rad, water pump are 4 years old so I expect 
I'm getting some clogging. Is the system holding pressure? That can be 
an issue also.
- and I run a thermostatically controlled 14" pusher fan in front. These 
cars do run hotter than most people expect.

CoultL at aol.com wrote:

>I have already knocked out all of the obvious culprits.  The electric  fan 
>fusible link is new and the fan runs through the 3 speeds correctly.  I  
>installed a bracket to lock the belt driven fan's viscous clutch....so it is  pumping 
>more air than a new tighter clutch would.  The radiator is a brand  new 
>German one.  The temp never rises over 110 degrees.  It will  get there in hot stop 
>and go with the AC on or off.  On hot days it  will go a little above 100 
>while cruising on the highway.   Basically, it will get too hot unless the engine 
>rpms are up.  It  seems like the water pump is not pumping enough water...but 
>I am  thinking that the thermostat is just not fully opening.  We will see.   
>I will hold off on a new temp sensor.  Thanks to everyone for the  advice.  
>-Justin Lewis

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