[V8] Brake/Hydraulic Hoses

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Regardless of who you deal with, make sure you specify Metric and that it is
for Automotive application AND that the hydraulic application uses a mineral
oil hydraulic fluid and that (in the case of high pressure lines) it can
withstand 3000 PSI working pressure.  I even had problems finding someone
who would do the work for me in the Detroit area for these parameters -- and
PIRTEK worked for me.  In any case, they will have to cut and solder new
fittings.  The swivel connections made it easier for me.  YMMV.  The  PIRTEK
I used in Detroit area was in Madison Heights and my contact there was
Oliver Romano, General Manager 248-336-8000.


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> "Everywhere" for me means a 500-mile roundtrip or shipping back and forth
> with a question of communications to make certain of the result.   If I
> have to ship, it might as well be to Spokane Hose, where we know they've
> already done numerous Audi hoses.
> At 06:18 AM 10/6/2004 -0700, S_Matus wrote:
> >I second the use of Pirtek.  They are an offshoot of Perelli.
> >
> >Yep, locations everywhere in the US.
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