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I remember a lister stating that if you switched coolant types and did
not flush the previous coolant properly it could create an overheating
condition because of the way the coolant would lubricate the
system...have you thought of that?  Anyway, just another thought...


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Subject: Re: [V8] Temp Sensor

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I have already knocked out all of the obvious culprits.  The electric
fan fusible link is new and the fan runs through the 3 speeds correctly.
I installed a bracket to lock the belt driven fan's viscous clutch....so
it is  pumping more air than a new tighter clutch would.  The radiator
is a brand  new German one.  The temp never rises over 110 degrees.  It
will  get there in hot stop and go with the AC on or off.  On hot days
it  will go a little above 100 

while cruising on the highway.   Basically, it will get too hot unless
the engine 

rpms are up.  It  seems like the water pump is not pumping enough

I am  thinking that the thermostat is just not fully opening.  We will

I will hold off on a new temp sensor.  Thanks to everyone for the

-Justin Lewis




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