[V8] 15 Years & Counting

S_Matus scott_matus at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 7 10:27:22 EDT 2004

The list should be proud of keeping the excitement Audi's first V8 alive.  In the November copy of "Road and Track" on page 32 of their "Years Ago" column it spawned for me to look back on the experience which I have had with this fine German crafted sedan.
My first awareness to the V8Q was in October 2001.  I was working a Ford dealership when my #1 came available after a trade. I really didn't have the money at the time, but I bit the bullet.  This is when I found Audifans.com.  I spent the nearly a month going over all of the "problem areas" in the car before I registered it.  The car was fantastic to drive, I was hooked. My wife also got hooked.  3 short months later I fell victim to a bad trans.  I parked the car, but no loss of respect or love for the beast. 
About 10 months later I acquired #2, which was to be used as a trans donor car.  After getting the car home and inspected the repair history and the condition of the car I could not rip it apart.  I later purchased a NEW in-the crate trans from the same parts supplier that Dave Head purchased his trans, for a cool $700. what a deal.  My old #2 is now Ed Kellock's #2.  Ed has the same appreciation for the condition of this car as I did.
Shortly after buying the Trans, Dino Murphy posted that he will no longer be able to keep his 91 5-speed.  Well this past July I now have #3.  I have some minor issues to correct, but I love this car. I have plans for many mods in the coming years. There is a big difference in drivability that the 5-speed has over the auto, it is just so much more engaging than the SEM switch can offer.  Call me a control freak.
Everyone can appreciate my story and I'm sure that everyone has a similar story how each has fallen for one of the finest sedans Audi will ever make.
Happy 15 Anniversary,

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