[V8] Stolen V8 -- RECOVERED

William Gutierrez lundabo at msn.com
Sat Oct 9 12:00:14 EDT 2004

Good attempt at levity, but as I said, the likelihood of someone stealing a 
V8 with the intent of parting it or doing something else with it is too 
ludicrous to believe.  Hmmm let me think...steal a car that has a comparable 
re-sale market (or worse) than a Yugo, that most mechanics don't even 
recognize or know how to work on, that threatens to go into limp mode at any 
given time and that has so few owners nationwide that there are more cars 
sitting in junk yards than in driveways.  Anyone who would steal a car with 
that many strikes against it...well, they must subscribe to this list!!!.  
:-)  Thanks for the chuckle.

Bill G.

>From: Brad Hartman <brad at speakoutpro.com>
>To: <v8 at audifans.com>
>Subject: [V8] Stolen V8 -- RECOVERED
>Date: Sat, 09 Oct 2004 07:52:14 -0600
>OK, V8 fans.  I thought this would have been a fun, tongue-in-cheek post
>(the one where I reported my "blue" V8 being stolen.)  Apparently some of
>you took this seriously.  I shall now explain:
>Dave posted the following:
>"Out of the blue (quite literally - my car is blue and this came from the
>painted bumper) a 17mm wrench appeared. It is not mine - I have never seen
>before. Beside tire shops no one else has ever laid a finger on it either.
>I guess it is just an early Christmas present from Audi above??"
>I then responded with:
>I was working on my blue V8 and had just tightened up some 17 mm bolts when
>I had to stop and go inside to get a beer.  When I returned, my car was
>-- Brad Hartman
>The suggestion is that Dave mistakenly got into the wrong car and drove 
>Yes, this story totally full of holes (I'm sure Dave and I live in the
>different parts of the county, Dave's key would not fit, etc.)  But then,
>aren't we all the ones who shell out eight bucks to go see Lord of the
>Rings?  We're capable of believing just about anything.
>Anyway, no stolen V8 (yet) and Dave has a new 17 mm wrench.
>BTW, about 25 years ago, my sister left work for the day, took the elevator
>down to the parking garage, got into her Mercury Monarch, drove off and
>halfway home saw a loaf of bread on the passenger seat she didn't remember
>buying.  Upon closer examination, she discovered she drove off in the WRONG
>car (yes, it looked identical and the key DID fit).
>Thanks to all of you for your suggestions and best wishes on how to best
>recover my V8.
>Brad Hartman
>Pearl WHITE (not blue) V8
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