[V8] Stolen V8 -- RECOVERED

urq urq at pacbell.net
Sun Oct 10 15:25:44 EDT 2004

... I was a bit skeptical ... the post really didn't have the tone I would
expect for someone on this list losing their car ... didn't get the
connection on the wrench though either ...

... the thing is, many folks who steal cars don't think anything of resale
value or difficulty of service ... they simply have no respect for the
property of others and are willing to do whatever they need for their own
convenience ... so it might actually happen sometime ...

Along those lines ... I got a call from the wife on Friday afternoon ...
some twit driving an SUV who does not know how to drive scraped the side of
#2 while she was in a store for five minutes.  When I got there I noticed
that the damage was mostly limited to the corner of the bumper cover (the
new one, just replaced after my last episode, the one with the uninsured
motorist) ... probably not enough to qualify for the mandatory reporting
rules.  No matter what, there is obvious damage to the car, and no notice
was left.  My wife believes that the person who did the deed was actually
sitting in front of the bakery when she returned.  This is another situation
where someone, probably someone with a lot of money and good insurance,
showed no respect for the property of others and was willing to do whatever
they needed for their own convenience ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

> OK, V8 fans.  I thought this would have been a fun, tongue-in-cheek post
> (the one where I reported my "blue" V8 being stolen.)  Apparently some of
> you took this seriously.  I shall now explain:

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