[V8] Stolen V8 -- RECOVERED

remove NOSPAM dsaadNOSPAM at icehouse.net
Sun Oct 10 21:56:14 EDT 2004

I got it Brad.

Maybe next time you should bring your beer out with you?? Much safer 
that way.



On Saturday, October 9, 2004, at 07:52 AM, Brad Hartman wrote:

> OK, V8 fans.  I thought this would have been a fun, tongue-in-cheek 
> post
> (the one where I reported my "blue" V8 being stolen.)  Apparently some 
> of
> you took this seriously.  I shall now explain:
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Dave posted the following:
> "Out of the blue (quite literally - my car is blue and this came from 
> the
> front
> painted bumper) a 17mm wrench appeared. It is not mine - I have never 
> seen
> it
> before. Beside tire shops no one else has ever laid a finger on it 
> either.
> I guess it is just an early Christmas present from Audi above??"
> Dave
> ----------------------------------------------------
> I then responded with:
> ----------------------------------------------------
> I was working on my blue V8 and had just tightened up some 17 mm bolts 
> when
> I had to stop and go inside to get a beer.  When I returned, my car was
> gone.
> Bummer.
> -- Brad Hartman
> ----------------------------------------------------
> The suggestion is that Dave mistakenly got into the wrong car and 
> drove off.
> Yes, this story totally full of holes (I'm sure Dave and I live in the
> different parts of the county, Dave's key would not fit, etc.)  But 
> then,
> aren't we all the ones who shell out eight bucks to go see Lord of the
> Rings?  We're capable of believing just about anything.
> Anyway, no stolen V8 (yet) and Dave has a new 17 mm wrench.
> BTW, about 25 years ago, my sister left work for the day, took the 
> elevator
> down to the parking garage, got into her Mercury Monarch, drove off and
> halfway home saw a loaf of bread on the passenger seat she didn't 
> remember
> buying.  Upon closer examination, she discovered she drove off in the 
> car (yes, it looked identical and the key DID fit).
> Thanks to all of you for your suggestions and best wishes on how to 
> best
> recover my V8.
> Brad Hartman
> Pearl WHITE (not blue) V8
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