[V8] Leather seat repair

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Mon Oct 11 13:03:07 EDT 2004

What to do?

My drivers seat needs repair on the both the seat and seat back left bolster.
My prelim quotes are about $250 to $300 + whatever the new foam parts cost -
assuming I choose to replace them. I have the seat out and torn apart now.
The side bolster could possibly be repaired (it has a hole in the usual spot),
but the bottom seat needs some new leather panels.
The current estimate is about $175 for a "half hide" and about $100 in labor -
which is just cutting and sewing. I have the leather off the seat.

It looks like a used seat would be somewhere around $250 + shipping - if I could
find one. May as well have mine repaired for that price.
btw, which cars have a seat that will fit? I assume
100,200,v8 but there are probably others as well?
I need a grey or in Audispeak - Platnium, Comfort seat.

New leather from the dealer - not priced yet but I am afraid to make the call.

Possibly a aftermarket leather seat kit? (fat chance)

I am leaning toward just having my seat repaired but what sayeth the list??


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