[V8] Leather seat repair

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 11 14:56:36 EDT 2004

Another possibility is to find a passenger side bottom and side, and cut the 
leather from it to use on your seat. I've done this for years with the foam 
in the 4000Q/GTI seats. You might try to do the same with the foam on the 
bottom. For that matter, I'd use the whole bottom. The center where you sit 
probably hasn't had much traffic. Therefore it should have better support. 
As for the side of the backrest, it uses horsehair (my words) padding, not 
foam. On the sport seat for the V8, I just added some foam in front of it.

Tony Hoffman
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> What to do?
> My drivers seat needs repair on the both the seat and seat back left 
> bolster.
> My prelim quotes are about $250 to $300 + whatever the new foam parts 
> cost -
> assuming I choose to replace them. I have the seat out and torn apart now.
> The side bolster could possibly be repaired (it has a hole in the usual 
> spot),
> but the bottom seat needs some new leather panels.
> The current estimate is about $175 for a "half hide" and about $100 in 
> labor -
> which is just cutting and sewing. I have the leather off the seat.
> It looks like a used seat would be somewhere around $250 + shipping - if I 
> could
> find one. May as well have mine repaired for that price.
> btw, which cars have a seat that will fit? I assume
> 100,200,v8 but there are probably others as well?
> I need a grey or in Audispeak - Platnium, Comfort seat.
> New leather from the dealer - not priced yet but I am afraid to make the 
> call.
> Possibly a aftermarket leather seat kit? (fat chance)
> I am leaning toward just having my seat repaired but what sayeth the 
> list??
> Dave
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