[V8] servotronic connection on 90 V8?

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Mon Oct 11 20:52:12 EDT 2004

Huh???  That's exactly what Servotronic is set up to do!!!  It gives you
good assist at low speed and tightens things up at higher speed.  

I agree that the unmodulated rack does have a pretty good balance ...
but no matter what it is a compromise between the characteristics of
good assist for slow speed and good feel for high speed.  Last year I
did dig a bit into what it would take to "chip" the Servotronic to
change the assist curve ... I was hoping to find analog circuitry in
there, but was disappointed to find a microcontroller ... which would
mean that I'd need to reverse engineer the thing to make any changes ...
or create my own hardware ...  

I'm fully sold on the benefits of the Servotronic and would never even
think about disabling it or going to a non-Servotronic rack ... but I
would imagine that converting to the Servotronic setup would be pretty
expensive, not likely sufficient return for the investment ... 

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
> There was some discussion on this a year and a half ago.  Keith says
> that the wiring was installed on all the 1990 models, and thinks it is
> possible to retrofit (but why?).
> Mine is a 1990 which has a pretty nice feel in my opinion.  
> The 1991 and
> newer cars have the servotronic assist...  I have noodeling 
> this over in
> the back of my mind for a while...  Why not tap into the 
> circuitry that
> tells the car you are going over 15mph (for the quattro system) and
> drive a relay to cut/provide power to the servotronic brain?  
> Assist in the parking lot and solid feel on the Autobahn...

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