[V8] servotronic connection on 90 V8?

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Mon Oct 11 22:14:53 EDT 2004

If you really want to - the input to the module is in fact a variable 
voltage derived from the speedo. You could probably fake it out with a 
rehostat if you were so inclined. I am quite happy with the servotronic 
though. I do a lot more parking than cruising at 140.


On Monday, October 11, 2004, at 06:51 PM, Buchholz, Steven wrote:

> Huh???  That's exactly what Servotronic is set up to do!!!  It gives 
> you
> good assist at low speed and tightens things up at higher speed.
> I agree that the unmodulated rack does have a pretty good balance ...
> but no matter what it is a compromise between the characteristics of
> good assist for slow speed and good feel for high speed.  Last year I
> did dig a bit into what it would take to "chip" the Servotronic to
> change the assist curve ... I was hoping to find analog circuitry in
> there, but was disappointed to find a microcontroller ... which would
> mean that I'd need to reverse engineer the thing to make any changes 
> ...
> or create my own hardware ...
> I'm fully sold on the benefits of the Servotronic and would never even
> think about disabling it or going to a non-Servotronic rack ... but I
> would imagine that converting to the Servotronic setup would be pretty
> expensive, not likely sufficient return for the investment ...
> Steve B
> San Jose, CA (USA)
>> There was some discussion on this a year and a half ago.  Keith says
>> that the wiring was installed on all the 1990 models, and thinks it is
>> possible to retrofit (but why?).
>> Mine is a 1990 which has a pretty nice feel in my opinion.
>> The 1991 and
>> newer cars have the servotronic assist...  I have noodeling
>> this over in
>> the back of my mind for a while...  Why not tap into the
>> circuitry that
>> tells the car you are going over 15mph (for the quattro system) and
>> drive a relay to cut/provide power to the servotronic brain?
>> Assist in the parking lot and solid feel on the Autobahn...
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