[V8] Re: Replacing front left wheel bearing

Matt Smith smittypig24 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 13 14:40:45 EDT 2004

My first choice is to take it to Keith at AudiConnection. I would happily
pay them because I know it would be done right. I just have a hard time
trusting a shop with my car when they say they've never heard of it before!
AND they want twice as much as Keith. I might try removing the hub and
taking it to a shop. Thanks for the input!!

BTW, anyone happen to have a 2001 s4 avant for sale? I'm looking to buy one.


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"Matt Smith" <smittypig24 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I need to replace my left front wheel bearing. I have the new bearing. 
> What do I need to get it out? I've heard I need a "hub shark". Does 
> anyone have one that they can lend me or rent to me or sell to me? 
> Anything has to be cheaper than the 4hrs of labor that the local shops 
> are going to charge me!!

You have a few options (if the V8 is like the type 44). The simplest is to
remove the hub and take it to a machine shop to have them press out the old
bearing and press in the new one.

Option 2 is to use a puller.  Hub Shark is one brand:
You can get a cheaper (cost and quality) solution at Harbor Freight:

Option 3 would be to take it to a good Audi mechanic, like the V8 guys in
Suffolk VA (only 200 miles from you :-), The Audi Connection, and have them
do it.

'94 100 S Avant
'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy" needs a new home

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