[V8] Front ABS sensor positioning

Gunter Lorberg glforensic at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 19 18:53:10 EDT 2004

ISSUE:  Adjusting Front brake ABS sensors.
I just replaced both front outer CV boots.  To do so I VERY gently eased the sensors (located on the posterior aspect of the struts) out no more than 1/8" (probably less) as per normal removal of driveshaft procedures to ensure clearance.  Upon reassembly, I gently pushed them back in until I met resistance (they could not be pushed in further and were probably making contact with the teeth/grooves on the CV joint) AND THEN gently eased them back out maybe 1/32" - 1/16"....I don't know but not much.  
Since then (a couple of days) the ABS has intermittently engaged at times when it would not have prior to the work I did.  It curiously seems to engage (dry conditions) only at the end of a moderately forceful stop from (let's say 50mph) at the stage where I'm almost actually taking some pressure off the brake pedal.  It has turned itself off on its own after less than one second, or has done so after I released the brake pedal. 
Everything else is working well.
I assume that the sensors are now not positioned properly.  Anyone have more experience with these?  How much should the sensors really be pulled back after reaching the 'end point'?
1990 155 000

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