[V8] Front ABS sensor positioning

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Tue Oct 19 19:07:53 EDT 2004

I believe the housing for the sensor has a shoulder--the hard stop you came
up against.  Push them back in till they stop.  

At 03:53 PM 10/19/2004 -0700, Gunter Lorberg wrote:
>ISSUE:  Adjusting Front brake ABS sensors.
>I just replaced both front outer CV boots.  To do so I VERY gently eased the 
>sensors (located on the posterior aspect of the struts) out no more than 
>1/8" (probably less) as per normal removal of driveshaft procedures to 
>ensure clearance.  Upon reassembly, I gently pushed them back in until I met 
>resistance (they could not be pushed in further and were probably making 
>contact with the teeth/grooves on the CV joint) AND THEN gently eased them 
>back out maybe 1/32" - 1/16"....I don't know but not much.  
>Since then (a couple of days) the ABS has intermittently engaged at times 
>when it would not have prior to the work I did.  It curiously seems to 
>engage (dry conditions) only at the end of a moderately forceful stop from 
>(let's say 50mph) at the stage where I'm almost actually taking some 
>pressure off the brake pedal.  It has turned itself off on its own after 
>less than one second, or has done so after I released the brake pedal. 
>Everything else is working well.
>I assume that the sensors are now not positioned properly.  Anyone have more 
>experience with these?  How much should the sensors really be pulled back 
>after reaching the 'end point'?
>1990 155 000
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