[V8] Wheel & Tire sizing.

Carlie Bentley carlie at corbinwebworks.com
Wed Oct 20 13:13:29 EDT 2004

Thanks William,
I had actually considered the 9" rims,  Actually the 17" X 9" are much 
cheaper, but I'm a little concerned about the tire width on the 9" rims. 
I don't want them to be squeezed too far. The Mustang GTs use the 17X9 
and it looks fine with these tires. I'll have to recalculate the offset 
to make sure but I've been leaning toward the 9" wide wheels,.

William Gutierrez wrote:

> Carlie,
> I cannot confirm for you either way, and I don't know of anyone who 
> has tried 10" rims, but here's something to consider:  if you reduce 
> the offset, you may gain added clearance, but as you do so, you push 
> the wheel to the outside.  With a 10" rim, you could risk pushing the 
> tire outside of the plane of the wheel well, which will give you sort 
> of a low rider look.  Very undesirable and not curable without some 
> expensive body work.  Conversely, if you do not reduce the offset, you 
> risk interference with the steering arm IIRC, but that can be cured 
> with the installation of some wheel spacers.  Something to consider.
> BTW, I have seen V8s with 17" x 9" rims and I thought that was a 
> pretty sharp set up--it filled out the wheel well nicely.  Have you 
> seen a 9" set up and felt you needed more?  Just wondering because I 
> think you'll get more feedback on a 9" rim than 10" which will 
> eliminate the guess work.  Another place you might try is on the 
> German V8 site.  A few members there seem to use wider rims.  They 
> have a forum there where you can post in English I believe.
>  In any event, it'll be interesting to see the 10" set up if you go 
> for it.  Post some pictures when and if you do.
> Good luck.
> Bill G.
>> From: Carlie Bentley <carlie at corbinwebworks.com>
>> To: v8 at audifans.com
>> Subject: [V8] Wheel & Tire sizing.
>> Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 20:10:35 -0400
>> Greetings all,
>> I've been a long time fan of very nice deep looking wheels. So I've 
>> decided to custom order a set, mainly because I can't find any I 
>> really like off the shelf.
>> SO, in a effort to keep the speedo from going whacko, Here's where 
>> I'm at.
>> I'm going to order a set of 17 X 10 inch wheels.
>> I've found that the best size tire to run on a wheel of this size is 
>> 275/40-17, to keep the speedo close and give me more contact patch, 
>> very common on the Mustangs and Corvettes.
>> Since I'm ordering a custom set of wheels with the 5X112 bolt 
>> pattern, I wanted to get the offset right.
>> I don't want any interference with suspension components, so if my 
>> math is correct, which I've never been accused of,
>> I'll have to go to a -3 MM offset to maintain the same distance from 
>> the strut housing as the factory 35MM offset.
>> At this point I should have quite a bit of wheel lip sticking out. 
>> About 76 MM give or take.
>> If the math on this is wrong please correct me. It could be an 
>> expensive mistake, it's about $500 per wheel, and I pretty much only 
>> get one shot, they're billet and they won't cover my miscalculation.
>> Thanks
>> Carlie
>> http://www.audiv8q.com
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