[V8] Vibration and Alignment

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 20 23:30:22 EDT 2004

I'd also check the ball joints. Yes, subframe mounts could, if it is over 
150k or has led a rough life (potholes, offroad, etc.). To check the 
balljoints get a prybar and pry down on the control arm from the strut assy 
where the balljoint mounts into it. You are looking for movement (play) in 
the ball and socket joint where it goes into the control arm. The vibration 
may be from the carrier bearing on the driveshaft. It is rubber on the 
outside, and after years it tends to crack and tear.

Tony Hoffman
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> Hey guys,
>   I have been watching, but have had nothing to help with lately.  I have
> posted on this subject before but, never quite got a definate response.  I
> have had an issue with the v8 for some time now, that when I go to get an
> alignment they take her out back, spend about ten minutes and say "she
> should be fine now" - when in truth she still pulls and wears tires out.
> I have had this happen on 4 occasions with two different shops.
> Everything up front is new, struts, control arms and bushings, and tie rod
> ends.  Why can't they get it in line, could the sub-frame mounts cause
> this?  I know the car got into a fight with a snow drift before I owned
> it, but it tracked fine when I first bought it.  Also, there is a loud
> 'pop' in some instances at slow speed.  It is not a cv joint, I'm sure,
> but rather something that sounds like it is hitting the floorboard. It
> only seems to happen when at slow speed with the wheel partially turned
> and the suspension is compressed.  I can't find anything loose under the
> car, or anything that looks like it is rubbing or hitting the frame, have
> you guys ever come across this?  The other thing is vibration, At about 85
> it is unbearable, but it is just slightly noticeable at 75.  I know I need
> new rear struts, but would that cause a vibration that seems like it is
> coming from the front?  I know I also need new front tires but it seems
> that this was happening before the tires were worn.  Any input is
> appreciated - thanks in advance.

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