[V8] Help!! It still doesn't run!!!WTF!!

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Mon Oct 25 21:09:04 EDT 2004

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    Just wanted to keep you guys updated. We swapped speed sensors, and
the V8 does the same thing. Tomorrow we'll swap the other ECU into it to
see if that's the problem. 
    It was suggested that the hall sender was a suspect, but it only
controls the injector timing and knock function of the ignition. Since
CIS runs with injectors firing all the time, I'm thinking injector
timing wouldn't kill the car, just make it run a little off. Therefore,
I'm leaning away from that. 
    Also, we swapped a known good distributor on the passenger side, and
it did the exact same thing. 
    I checked the FPR, and there is no fuel running out of the vacuum
    From my experience, it would seem most likely it is something we
messed with, anyhow. 
    I'm also going to doublecheck the firing order tomorrow. 
    The most troubling thing about it though, is the way the tach
bounces all over the place while cranking.

I'll keep you all informed, and feel free to throw any suggestions you
may have my way,

Tony Hoffman
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