[V8] Help!! It still doesn't run!!!WTF!!

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Mon Oct 25 22:53:27 EDT 2004


Someone may have asked this - but is there any chance you have reversed 
the connectors for the timing reference and speed sense sensors? That 
may explain the tach bounce - it is getting about 300 more pulses per 
revolution than it expects.

If I remember correctly, you drove the car for a while and then it 
stalled so this would have happened after the initial problem.


On Monday, October 25, 2004, at 06:20 PM, Tony and Lillie wrote:

>     Just wanted to keep you guys updated. We swapped speed sensors, 
> and the V8 does the same thing. Tomorrow we'll swap the other ECU into 
> it to see if that's the problem.
>     It was suggested that the hall sender was a suspect, but it only 
> controls the injector timing and knock function of the ignition. Since 
> CIS runs with injectors firing all the time, I'm thinking injector 
> timing wouldn't kill the car, just make it run a little off. 
> Therefore, I'm leaning away from that.
>     Also, we swapped a known good distributor on the passenger side, 
> and it did the exact same thing.
>     I checked the FPR, and there is no fuel running out of the vacuum 
> line.
>     From my experience, it would seem most likely it is something we 
> messed with, anyhow.
>     I'm also going to doublecheck the firing order tomorrow.
>     The most troubling thing about it though, is the way the tach 
> bounces all over the place while cranking.
> I'll keep you all informed, and feel free to throw any suggestions you 
> may have my way,
> Tony Hoffman
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