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Bob & Missy rherguth at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 27 21:36:37 EDT 2004

I just paid $25 for one year of the www.alldata.com version of the manuals.
I'm underwhelmed by the lack of technical information.  For my American
cars, the Alldata manuals are very good, because they are scans of the full
mfr manuals.  For the Audi, they are either incomplete or the Audi factory
manuals are very incomplete.  I don't know which is true.  The Bentely
manuls on CD seem like a better option for around $150 (?).

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> Hi everyone! Im happy to be a new owner of a 1990 V8 Quattro.
> Nonetheless the car didnt come with a manual, and i have no idea how
> to adjust or work certain things with this car...I have been an Acura
> person up until now!
> Any help would be highly appreciated.
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> Thanks so much,
> Franklin
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